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Well, hello there! I’m glad we’ve found each other. My name is Rachel. I’m Midwest born and raised and released to spread my wings in Southern California. I’m an adventure seeker, live in the moment free spirit, nature plus city lover and God inspired writer as well as a full time wife and mother of two energetic little boys. Serving God and three men means I’m often on the move, so I live in my running shoes!

By nature, I’m curious and an endless question asker. I’m always thinking…always wondering…always pressing in…

In spirit, I’m a dreamer and an optimist. I often live in the space between my reality and my dreams.

By design, I’m a writer and a reporter. I take joy in recording the movement of God all around me and sharing the miraculous hope in everyday life.

By calling, I am a follower of Jesus. He is my favorite celebrity interview.

I talk to God all the time. I aim to follow Him with everything I have — heart, mind, soul and strength — which thereby makes me also a committed prayer warrior and coffee enthusiast!

I hope you’ll come to know me more through this interactive spiritual space. But more than that, I pray you’ll come to know God more so. I pray this will be a safe refuge for you to soak in the goodness of what God is doing and saying as I report what I’m encountering. Here we go! Let’s press in…



As a journalist by degree and nature, I value the art and beauty of question asking. Much of my personal growth comes from seeking out answers, learning and putting insight into practice. I like to examine what I am doing, why I am doing it and how. Many of the insights I’ll share here in this site will address questions of life and faith. Faith is my thing!

Growth also comes by experience: by practical contact, by encountering. A “muse” is a person (or personified force) who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. In all my lifetime, my greatest muse continues to be my GOD and some of my greatest life experiences come from encountering Him. My faith journey — filled with MANY questions — has grown and strengthened year after year as I’ve asked God things and wait to receive answers that peek into the spiritual world, a very beautiful world!

So, I’ve never stopped asking questions. I don’t plan to. I guess you can say that God is my favorite celebrity interview! And sometimes He has some interesting questions lined up for me! The content of this site will reflect insights from these “interviews” back and forth between me and my Maker, the God of the Universe. In your time here, I pray you find spiritual inspiration, hope, strength and much laughter!








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