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Pressing In

May 14, 2016

Pressing into God.  Why do I do it again and again (and then again)?

I press in for wisdom, for understanding and for guidance, realizing I always have room to learn.

I press in for healing, for health and for hope, recognizing my Creator knows best my design and what I need.

I press in for breakthrough, for strength and for sustenance, knowing all too well that this world will give me more than I can handle in my own efforts.

I press in for joy, for peace and for perspective, craving the ability to see miraculous hope in everyday life.

I press into God because only He can handle ALL of me — the questions, the hopes and dreams, the desire to walk out a life of great impact in small shoes.

I press in for me, for YOU and ultimately for Him.


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  1. Corinne Peterson permalink

    Beautiful message, Rachel! ❤️

    • rachelleehansen permalink

      Thank you Aunt Corinne! I appreciate your thoughts anytime❤️

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